My name is Helen Brown and I started LifeCare Health in 2005.  I am a Sports Massage Practitioner, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Rehabilitation Exercise Therapist and Lecturer.  

My career in Therapy began 25 years ago when I first began practising as a Sports Massage Therapy Practitioner. I progressed from clinical practice into establishing GP referral schemes in the South West, which had its challenges as this was a new approach, not yet mainstream. Here patients with long term injuries or illness could receive the support, advice, treatment and exercise they needed to aid their recovery or transition to living following life altering illnesses or injuries. 

After several years in this most rewarding area of work I branched into a new direction; teaching.  I wanted to share what I had learned from my 10 years in the industry and was fortunate to be offered the post of Lecturer with an industry leading Health and Fitness Training Company. This gave me the opportunity to work and train with highly regarded Health and Fitness Professionals. For 8 years I taught Sports Massage, Fitness and Personal Training courses, designed and wrote national qualification courses and gained the knowledge I needed to become a training provider. I then established LifeCare Health, a place where I could bring everything together into a single facility.


I initially focused on developing my clinical practice while considering what type of courses I wanted to offer. I have always been very holistic in my approach, believing that treatments are part of facilitating the body in healing itself and when working with the body and mind, combining the right treatment, listening, advice, self-management, nutrition and activity is the key to gaining the changes patients need.


National qualifications delivered by large training providers have no room or time allowed for anything more than the course requirements and I wanted to move away from that and move much more towards personal and professional development, allowing each trainee practitioner to develop their own treatment style as it will be a combination of their individual skills and experiences as well as incorporating that widely overlooked, natural skill that everyone has - intuition.

When a skilled practitioner or personal trainer is open to their intuition and trusts those insights, it becomes a powerful tool for change and the benefits of this will be experienced on many levels.


Sports Massage Therapy - skillfully, holistically and intuitively.