Studying with LifeCare Health Training


We offer you the choice of how to study your course; from fully live to fully online or a combination to suit you. Flexibility without compromising quality. Prior to enrolling onto the course you will need to complete an enrolment form and also a short interview with the Lead Tutor to ensure this is the right course for you, discuss any additional learning needs you may have and how you would like to complete your studies so we can provide you the best learning experience possible. Everyone learns differently and we can tailor our course to your needs where possible.


Course structure:

Our courses are presented in modules and at the end of each module you will be guided about submissions you need make and gain feedback from your tutor before moving onto the next module. Each module builds a skill set that you continue to develop as you progress through the course.


Course materials via our online training platform:

You will receive access to comprehensive online study materials that include video lectures and demonstrations, guided patient case studies, downloadable patient resources for you to use in your own practice and revision papers to help consolidate your knowledge, build confidence and provide valuable industry experience.

Each theory subject has a video lecture taking you through the information. The course is delivered in modules, each one building your skills ready for the next module. All practical techniques are demonstrated in detailed videos for you to practice. Each module has a section of short video discussions that explore holistic considerations for the practitioner, with ideas and support materials that can be used with patients to help them engage, understand and participate more fully in their own recovery and well-being.

At the conclusion of each module there are printable/downloadable worksheets and assignments that will contribute towards your qualification portfolio and for some modules you will need to submit video clips of presentations, consultations or treatments. These videos are used by your tutor to assess your progress and provide you individual feedback to help you develop your skills and abilities. Where stated, the videos may also contribute towards your qualification.

Once you have completed all the module submissions and these have been assessed by your tutor, a one-to-one tutorial is then arranged for you to gain feedback, advice and for you to ask any questions you may have about the topics you have covered before moving on to the next module.

If you would prefer a paper copy of the course manual, that can be requested.



You will be assigned your own tutor who will support you through your course with regular tutorials, providing you feedback on assignments, help you with any challenges you experience and give you insights and information to help you continue developing your skills and knowledge. Your tutor can be contacted at any time during your studies if you need assistance.


The Virtual Classroom:

Here you can join theory and practical lessons through an interactive virtual classroom. If using this method for your practical sessions you will need volunteers to conduct consultations and treatments with.


Skills workshops:

If you prefer face to face tuition then we run regular skills workshops but whether you choose the virtual classroom or live skills days there are a mandatory number of ‘live’ training hours you must complete. The workshops combine training and assessments each time as you work towards building your full qualification. Additional workshops can also be requested but additional fees will apply.   


Getting started:

To get you started we need to find out a little about you to make sure this style of course will suit you or whether we need to adjust the delivery methods to better meet your study needs. We do this through an informal interview and if the course is suitable for you and your goals we can then arrange your course enrolment and you can begin your studies.